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Welcome to a place exclusively about antique snow baby, D56 Snowbabies and D56 Snowbunnies, and other snowbaby memoriabilia. "Oldbabies" refers to antique figurines, bisque figurines, snow children and snowed figurines of antiquity. Old christmas figurines are a great compliment to a collection of today's popular porcelain figurines, Department56 Snowbabies and Department56 Snowbunnies. Many snow baby collectors are familiar with antique German snowbabies or Japanese snowbabies, but the snowbabies world is filled with all kinds of neat stuff. We've got lots of snobaby images by the world's best photographers and snobabies display artists - you - and many popular features to entertain. So come and join the fun! And please remember ... its a participatory site ... without you this place would not exist :) Our Spam Policy

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