SnowBabySP's Place Advent Tree
Day Four - December 4, 1999

Winter Celebration's Here!

The 1999 Snowbabies Retirements!

Bisque Figurines

I See You!
Best Little Star
Hold On Tight!
Let's Go Skiing
A Little Night Light
Five-Part Harmony
You Didn't Forget Me!
Just One Little Candle
You Are My Lucky Star
We Make A Great Pair
Whistle While You Work
Wish Upon A Falling Star
I'll Play A Christmas Tune
Winter Play On A Snowy Day
How Many Days 'Til Christmas?
Come Fly With Me Limited Edition
Jack Frost ... A Touch Of Winter's Magic


Star Bright
Moon Beams
Mini Lite-Up Ornament
Frosty Frolic Friends - 1999

Waterglobes and Music Boxes

Heigh-Ho, Waterglobe/Music Box
Jingle Bell, Waterglobe/Music Box
Moon Beams, Waterglobe/Music Box
Sliding Through The Milky Way, Music Box
Once Upon A Time, Moving Musical Figure
I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart, Music Box

Accessories and Club Items

Candlelight Trees
Snowbabies Shelf Unit
Celebrate, Hinged Box
Sweet Heart, Hinged Box
Moonbeams, Night Light
A Little Night Light, Lamp
Hold On Tight!, Hinged Box
1998/1999 Friendship Club Kit
You're My Snowbaby, Picture Frame
I'm The Star Atop Your Tree!, Tree Topper
Candle Light ... Season Bright, Tree Topper
Nice To Meet You Little One, Club Exclusive


I See You!
I'm So Sleepy
Best Little Star
Let's Go Skiing
Collector's Sign
Let's Go Skating
Five-Part Harmony6
I'm Making Snowballs!
What Shall We Do Today?
There's No Place Like Home

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