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All Photos Courtesy of SnowBaby Jo :)

I started collecting in 1988. The first time I saw them I thought they were too plain looking. After seeing them and really looking into their faces I have been hooked. I pal around with a friend and that Christmas she gave me my first Snowbaby--Tumbling in the Snow and I'm Making Snowballs. From 1988 it's been like a fairy tale with me searching for each one. In 1992 I realized there was a possibility to own all of the bisque figurines. At that time I didn't know how many there were. The search was on, I formed a list of 800 #'s all over the United States, calling each of them monthly. By 1996 I had purchased all of the bisque figurines. I purchased from all over by phone, traveling, going to secondary markets, junk shops, flea markets, yard sales, any where I thought I might have the older ones. The two hardest to find, at a good price was Climbing on a Tree and Frosty Frolic. The two of them slipped thru my fingers a couple of times, by my not restaining my excitment, the price went up in a hurry. But after searching for more than three years I finally found them at a price I could live with.

In 1993 I heard about the Gatherings got to attend several of them. I met a lot of interesting people during my travels. Learned so much by talking with fellow collectors.

I don't really have a favorite. I look at them and try to pick a favorite-each expression is so unique. So all are my favorites.

I display in curio cabinets all year round. With ski slopes, mountains, skating ponds, etc. I can't bring myself to box them up. To I want to enjoy them all year round. Friends come by the house and have to look, people never seem to tire of seeing them. Everyone expect them to be on display anytime of the year.

Three years ago I put SNOBABY on my car tag. Have had lot of people stop and want the tag explained. People have a lot of ideas as to what it means.

I am married, have two children, five grandchildren each of them realize my Snowbabies are a big part of my life. I collect something for each of the grandchildren to remember their "Granny" by. I have two granddaughters - one likes the Snowbabies and the other likes the Snowbunnies - that works out great. When the one that likes Snowbabies was about five years old she tried so hard to find the words to use letting me know she wanted them after I was gone. Not wanting to say the word die she had a really hard time finding the word to use, finally she thought of the word, "Granny what will happen to your Snowbabies when you -------- you know when you CROAK". That has been a joke with our family for about ten years.

Collecting has brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people. Friends can come and look at my collection and join my fairy land world for a few minutes.

Would like to thank you for all your hard work. I enjoy the web site so very much. The past few months my time has been limited on the web site. We started a boat dealership so have been very busy. Someday we will be back to normal. Keep up the great work. --- Jo :)

Thanks Jo!

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