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The Contestants

Our 1998 Snow Baby Picture Contest!
Sponsored By Michael Winters, the folks at The Golden Goose and yours truly :)
You can review the Contest Rules and see more about the Sponsors

Below you will find the top three entries for each contestant that timely submitted images for our contest. In all there were 14 entrants one of which was did not submit images in time for the 12/31 deadline and one which submitted an electronic image in a format that could not be downloaded (it was never resubmitted). Some contestants only submitted one or two images. All others submitted multiple images and the three judged best appear here. Final judging is complete, and as you can see, with so many great pictures, it has not been easy to pick the winners! The five judges (two representatives of our sponsors, my wife, a neighbor and myself) have a unanimous winner for first place, and near unanimous winners for second and third place. I'm going to keep you in suspense abit longer while we give everybody a chance to see the submissions ;)

Look for our winners announcement to be posted on February 1, 1999.

Thanks to our sponsors and all those that participated in our contest. Click on the thumbnails below to enjoy their efforts. If you'd like to comment on the images be sure to visit the Snowbaby Bulletin Boards where everyone can share compliments, inspirations and ideas that may come to mind! They'd love to hear from you directly as well :)

SnowBaby Courtney's Images

Courtney1 Courtney2 Courtney3

Also known as SnowBaby Court905 on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Cyndi's Images

Cyndi1 Cyndi2 Cyndi3

Also known as SnowBaby CGNeumann on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Danny's Images

Danny1 Danny2 Danny3

Also known as SnowBaby Dannyd5968 on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Dyanna's Images

Dyanna1 Dyanna2 Dyanna3

Also known as SnowBaby Lady on ;)

SnowBaby Jo's Images

Jo1 Jo2 Jo3

Also known as SnowBaby NTabor on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Karen's Images

Karen1 Karen2 Karen3

Also known as SnowBaby Hollikft on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Keri's Images

Keri1 Keri2 Keri3

Also known as SnowBaby Igloopuppy on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Maureen's Images

Maureen1 Maureen2 Maureen3

Also known as SnowBaby Maureen718 on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Pat's Images

Pat1 Pat2

Also known as SnowBaby News56 on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Steve S's Images

SteveS1 SteveS2 SteveS3

Also known as SnowBaby SSand90939 on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Sue's Image


Also known as SnowBaby Katobe on AOL ;)

SnowBaby Vicky's Images

Vicky1 Vicky2 Vicky3

Also known as SnowBaby Vicky6977 on AOL ;)

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Uploaded 1/9/99; Updated 1/16/99