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All currency values referenced at SnowBabySP's Place are denominated in United States dollars. You can use this currency converter to determine the relative values of different currencies around the world. Use of the converter is free and exceptionally easy.

(1) Type any number of currency units into the amount box;
(2) Indicate the currency type set forth in the amount box;
(3) Indicate the desired currency to result;
(4) And then click the convert button. Pretty cool, eh?

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scroll down to see more currencies

scroll down to see more currencies

This currency converter is provided as a free courtesy of Xenon Laboratories, and this link to the converter is furnished to SnowBabySP's Place visitors as a convenience. It is not assured to be 100% accurate and therefore results should be viewed as estimates that you must confirm with a financial intermediary engaged in foreign exchange or currencies (for most of us that means a bank :) For more information about the converter please visit Xenon Labratories web site.

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