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"I'll Light The Way"


The following appeared in "Friendship News", Volume 2, Issue 3 Fall 1999,
the official newsletter of Department 56, Inc.'s Snowbabies Friendship Club

If you aren't a member you should be :)

Disney Customized Early Introduction

Walt Disney World is planning their 1999 Christmas collectibles Showcase for December 3-5. As a part of this event, Disney will be introducing a Snowbabies Customized Early Introduction "I'll Light The Way".

Collectors interested in attending can call Disney World Special Events at 407-827-7600. If you are unable to attend, but are interested in purchasing this piece, you can call Disney Merchandise Guest Services at 407-363-6200 and be put on a "wish list." You will be notified after the event if any pieces are still available.


Better hurry!


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