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All Photos Courtesy of SnowBaby Dyanna :)

Dyanna and her Snowbabies scrapbook :)

SnowBaby Dyanna, from Oregon, is our featured collector in the Spotlight! Dyanna is an avid collector with a great display sense and wonderful photography skills. You may remember her as the second runner up in our first annual picture contest for these entries. Check out some more of Dyanna's fantastic snowbabies images by clicking the thumbnails to the right!

At the conclusion of the contest I wrote to Dyanna letting her know that as second runner up she had won a choice of "Star In The Box" Bisque Figurine or a year's subscription to Michael Winter's hard copy publication, Village Pride, provided by Michael who graciously assisted in sponsoring the contest. Here's some of what Dyanna wrote back:

Steve... I printed off the letter just now for a memory memento for my scrapbook! Both options are equally nice. I guess I'd like to receive "A Star in the Box" so I have a keepsake to remember the contest by. Thank you all again for the great job you did & I do hope that we get to have a go at it again next year! Dyanna...
Huh? My letter ... in THE scrapbook? Thank you Dyanna! From the images you sent that show your scrapbook, I can honestly say I'm honored :) Folks, Dyanna maintains a super Snowbabies scrapbook filled with all sorts of stuff she has collected and recorded to keep track of her favorite collecting items. Check out the thumbnails below.
I've started one myself now that I've seen how nice a keepsake it does make!

SnowBaby Dyanna
In the Spotlight!


Thanks Dyanna!

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