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Your Participation Is Appreciated!

Well ... I finally went off the deep end of the pier. I figured out a way to combine my enthusiasm for computers and snow babies, and in the process, I've managed to occupy nearly every bit of spare time in my life.

But its actually proving to be quite fun masquerading as a webmaster of sorts!

As you peruse these pages, you'll find many of the features are designed so that you can participate in making this an exciting and dynamic place for you and other snow baby collectors to visit frequently.

If you'd like to contribute something, please take a moment to the read the guidelines that apply to your type of contribution. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

Guidelines For Making A Site Contribution

The following general guidelines apply to all pages on this web site:

Server space and my spare time are limited so I cannot promise you that all contributions will be accepted.

I make every effort to timely respond to email but I cannot assure that my life will not interfere with that effort.

I reserve the right to format, edit, relocate, delete and republish your contributions after they have been accepted for publication, but I will never publish your contribution until you have had the opportunity to approve how it will appear in its first publication on these pages.

Credits for contributions, when appropriate, are at your election. Private collectors and other non-business contributors can be credited anonomously or by first name and general geographic location only. You may not publish personal information about yourself on these pages. Business, club and other like contributors will be credited as may be mutually agreed.

The following content guidelines apply to all pages on this web site:

What's New! - You can contribute Department 56 news, announcements and other "current events" information that collectors might find interesting. For example, an upcoming Department 56 swap & sell may be announced to publicize the event. Likewise, news of retirements, new limited editions, special event pieces and similar developments would appear in this section.

Visitor Speak - You can contribute commentary you'd like to tell the snow baby world just for the fun of it. For example, you might want to comment on something you've seen at this web site or a link, tell about an event you attended recently, report a great find at a garage sale, etc. Basically, if its positive and cheery, and pertains to snow baby collecting, its eligible for publication here.

Pictures - You can contribute snow baby images you've found in the public domain or that you have made and scanned yourself. You may not contribute copyrighted images or links to images on other servers unless you can secure permission to have the images republished (or linked to from) here. Please respect the legal rights of others.

Links - You can contribute links to other snow baby collector web sites or to other favorite places that you think would be regarded as fun places to visit by collectors. Please do not email hypertext. Instead email the precise URL address of the web site.

Collectors' Shop - You can contribute listings for snow baby and snow baby related items available for sale or trade subject to all rules of the online brokerage service. [Dealer inquires are invited.]

Did You Know ... - You can contribute information about snow babies which are little known or not widely understood. Antique snow babies are very fertile ground in this regard as many collectors of Department 56 Snowbabies and Snowbunnies do not know of snow babies of antiquity.

Hard Copy - You can contribute information on how/where collectors can obtain snow baby information in printed materials. If you are a publisher or author of a work of interest to snow baby collectors, please be sure to check the sponsor notice at Hard Copy for details on how to have your printed material advertised here.

Surprise! - You can contribute ideas to be created and featured here or provide links to surprising, entertaining web sites (even if they are unrelated to snow baby collecting). If your idea or link is accepted, you will be advised in advance of publication ... but remember its a surprise ... so don't tell your friends you contributed until after they've visited and enjoyed it.

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