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All Photos Courtesy of SnowBaby Ken, Las Vegas, Nevada

Snowbaby Ken and his wife, Genny, are from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Their hobbies include photography, travel and, best of all, collecting miniature Snowbabies. Ken puts his creativity as a photographer and career experiences as a project inspector to great use in this wonderful, dome enclosed display shown with dome removed.

This display contains all of the pewters issued to date, and Ken and Genny are looking forward to the 98 releases arriving at their dealer's showcase. It looks to me as though their homemade frosty frolic land is reaching its capacity of little inhabitants, and I can't wait to see what new display ideas will be coming from these folks!

As the saying goes, necessity is very often the mother of invention. Ken writes:

"While we were collecting these pieces we weren't thinking about where we going to put all of them. In fact, we really hadn't planned on getting all the pieces; just the ones we could find. As we were running out of space in the cabinets for the full size pieces we started to wonder what we were going to do. We decided that I would build a cabinet base or even two bases to display my mini's on."


"After looking at the price of building the base, Gen thought about checking the price of an Aquarium tank base with a solid top. When we found that it would be as cheap to buy it, and a bit faster, we ordered a 24" x 60" fish tank base. Then I designed a top dome to be made out of plexiglass that would have a hinged top section that would open to move the pieces around or to add the new ones as they come out. We shopped around to find the place to have the top made and it came out just the way I wanted it but with a couple of modifications that the manufacturer made (which I liked and had thought about but didn't say anything at the time)."

"We started to go to all the shops that had Dept. 56 items and started to buy things to make up the display. Some of the items we got were on mark down as the store was discontinuing the Dept. 56 line. We found mountains, streams, trees and plenty of snow. The extra ice pond was made of a mirror covered in cellofane and tin foil. The miniature play park is surrounded by brick wall we found in another shop."


Collecting Snowbabies is more than a passing pleasure for Ken and Genny. Genny writes:

"Ken has been collecting about 18 months. I'm happy to say he has all the present minis there are. He can't wait for the new releases to hit the stores; eight to buy this year. He also has taken a liking to the music boxes and has all but a few of the real tough ones. All in due time I'm sure. As for a favorite piece, I'm not sure he has one but if he had to choose I guess it would be a toss up between Somewhere in Dreamland and You Are My Lucky Star."

"The best part of collecting is the challenge of the hunt and the great people you meet along the way. We had a great adventure collecting on a trip to New England last fall. We got caught up in the hunt which made for the most adventurous vacation anyone could have had."


Ken and Genny In The Spotlight!


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