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Ever try to locate snow baby and snow baby collecting sites? The sad truth is they are very hard to find. Surely, they must exist, right? THEY MUST! Well, maybe not, and that's why this site was created :)

Oh yes ... there are many wonderful places for D56 collectors, including Snowbabies and Snowbunnies collectors. But links to general D56 sites are so readily available it seems a waste of time to repeat them here.

So I leave it to you to make this page a success. Know of or own a site devoted to snow baby lovers or a D56 site which can be linked from here directly to its snow baby pages? Send it for all to enjoy!

Check guidelines for Contributions or Email Links now. First name and city/state for credits!

Snow Baby Chat

SnowBabySP's Place - Chat and Bulletin Board

Department 56 Collector Online Chat
Note: Go to the bottom of the page to chat.

America Online Department 56 Forum Chat
Note: Needs an AOL subscriber browser.

CollectorBee Snowbabies Forum
Note: Lots of other collectibles too.

Snow Baby Collector Pages

SnowBaby Danny's Page

SnowBaby Cyndi's Page

SnowBaby Sue's Page

SnowBaby Holli's Page

SnowBaby Ken & Genny's Page

SnowBaby Matt's Easter Animal Page

SnowBaby Cyndi's Web Site

SnowBaby Vicky's Web Site

SnowBaby Maureen's Page

SnowBaby Ginger's Web Site

SnowBaby Dyanna's Page

SnowBaby Jo's Page

Clubs and Organizations

D56 Snowbabies Friendship Club

Golden Glow of Christmas Past

CyberD56ers Club

Snow Baby Information

SnowBabySP's Place - Hard Copy

The Snowbaby Database

"Grand Old Flags" International Versions

"Let's Be Friends" Limited

Snow Baby Online Secondary Market

SnowBabySP's Place - Collector's Shop

How Could I Leave Them Out?

Department 56, Inc. - Home Page

Other Sites of Interest

SnowBabySP's Place 1999 Image Contest

SnowBabySP's Place 1999 Advent Tree

SnowBabySP's Place 1998 Advent Tree

Great Shakes! Snowbaby Snowglobes

Alberta Molds Snow Babies

Porcelain By Treva

Mary Morrison's Christmas Treasures

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