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All Photos Courtesy of SnowBaby Maureen of Lansdale, PA

SnowBaby Maureen is an enthusiastic collector from Lansdale, Pennyslvania. She has her mother-in-law to thank for planting the seed for a nice collection pictured here. SnowBaby Maureen, like many collectors, started collecting Snowbabies following a Christmas gift in 1996. As you can see since that first little tike from her mother-in-law, Maureen's collection has grown to the point where she can fill a large wall unit display! Wall unit displays offer several advantages. Your Snowbabies stay safe and relatively dust-free. Most wall units contain a lighting source that provides for some really nice accenting. And best of all, you can enjoy your collection all year long! Pic7.gif - 60564 Bytes
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SnowBaby Maureen In The Spotlight!

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