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About Your Privacy

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Just as you would not walk into a crowded mall or subway and begin hollering out your name, address, social security number, credit card and checking account numbers and a host of other bits of your personal information, we expect that you will observe a degree of caution and concern when using our chat rooms and bulletin boards.

Toward that end, you should know that we have no means of controlling who visits our web site for the privilege of using the Visitor Speak area. We cannot and do not screen visitors to ascertain their character and intentions when visiting our site. While our scripts do give us some information about our visitors, it hardly amounts to enough information to provide for the security of our visitors here.

Stated simply and plainly ... only you can assure you safety and security by recognizing that this virtual meeting place is no different than any other public place that you encounter in your offline world. So have fun while visiting here but do exercise sensible precautions when in comes to disseminating your personal information to strangers.