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August 2, 1998

SnowBabySP says ... Hi folks! Today we've started a new Visitor Speak area that includes true visitor particpatory capabilities. Please visit our Snow Baby Chat Rooms and Snow Baby Bulletin Boards and enjoy the comments and knowledge of our visiting public :) Return To The New Visitor Speak!

May 9, 1998

SnowBaby Keri from Charlotte, North Carolina says ... I just wanted to pass along information I found out from Ms. Lit Town regarding those pesky, hard-to-find light bulbs for all of us who have the Moonbeams night light. Item#99245, sold in a package of 3 bulbs for $2.00, is called "Village Replacement Rounded Light Bulbs". I hope this is helpful to all ... I was informed that I was not the only one who had a tough time finding a replacement bulb!!! SnowBabySP: Thanks for the heads up. Mine has not yet burned out, but now I know what to do!

May 6, 1998

SnowBaby Kim from Charlotte, North Carolina says ... Hi, I'm Kim and I've been newly introduced to your web page. I found reading other collectors thoughts interesting and wanted to share with you why I'm such a lover of Snowbabies myself. Four years ago I was told that my unborn child had a neurological defect and, if she even lived, she would more than likely have many neurological problems. Well, my 3 1/2 year old Katie was born on 9-21-94 and is a healthy, happy, little, blonde haired, blue eyed child who will have a shunt in her brain for the rest of her life but other than that is very normal. The day she was born, however, my mom gave me a present I will never forget and it's called "A Special Delivery". To this day, and many precious little figurines, ornaments and waterglobes later, I still get tears in my eyes when I look at "A Special Delivery". Thanks for creating such a wonderful page. SnowBabySP: Kim ... thank you so much for sharing your special delivery with us. Tell your mom I don't think I'll ever look at "A Special Delivery" again without thinking of your precious Katie. Folks ... to me Kim's note captures all of the magic there is in Snowbabies. Time and time again, I find a collector like Kim that tells me the reason why I collect them :) Thanks again, Kim.

May 5, 1998

SnowBaby Bertha from Plainstow, New Hampshire says ... While you were away in Lancaster I was busy gathering up all the Snowbunnies I could find. I'm hopelessly hooked on the little darlings. Those Snowbabies are beginning to creep into my thoughts too. These bunnnies are multipling fast and demanding equal time!!! SnowBabySP: Hi Bertha ... I've taken the Easter page and used it to start a Snowbunnies Picture page. Now we just need some folks to send in pictures of their displays to round out full participation for the pointed ear nubbied types :)

April 16, 1998

SnowBaby Julie from New Orleans, Louisiana says ... Wow! What a fun web-site. I am not (was not) a Snowbaby collector, and I just decided to come here out of curiosity. What a great time I am having. And I am learning so much about snowbabies and bunnies. I have longed admired them, but I never did buy them. (I only just started a village collection at Christmas this year, and one is more than enough for me in my tiny house...but, a few snowbabies or snowbunnies will fit in nicely.) They really are cute. Thanks for such a good time. SnowBabySP: I'm glad you enjoyed the site, and thanks for taking the time to write. By the way, you should note that SnowBaby Holli, a now frequent visitor here, was only a short time ago a village only collector too ... now she has over twnety Snowbabies and one oldbaby; the little tikes are multiplying like crazy!

April 8, 1998

SnowBaby Sue from Parsippany, New Jersey says ... I LOVED Ken and Genny's mini displays. What a great sense of fun they have. The play yards made me want to jump in and play with the babies! Also, I thought the fish tank was a fantastic idea and a great way to keep them clean while displaying them all year. Keep up the good work, Steve. We all appreciate it. SnowBabySP: I agree ... Ken and Genny's display pictures are wonderful. The wintery wonderland feeling really is evident in the display, and Ken's photography is super even with the image degradation that results from putting them on the internet. I think we'll hear more from these folks too :)

April 7, 1998

SnowBaby Holli from Flushing, New York says ... Here's an Easter Snowbunnies display tip. Use dried flowers you can get from any craft store; they come in a variety of pastel colors. I like to use the "Candy Tuff" ones. The colors are very soft and they make great trees. I also use tiny dried petals and sprinkle them all through the display along with colorful pastel potpourri mixes. I end up leaving my display up all summer; hey ... bunnies stick around until it gets cool! SnowBabySP: I like to use freshly cut flowers too. Flowers and potpourri add an aromatic dimension to your displays that really adds to your viewing pleasure so give it a try folks :)

April 3, 1998

SnowBaby Sue from Kingsville, Ontario, Canada says ... Just a little note to let you know that I truly enjoyed your site. Everything from the information to the pictures to the music is great! I am a novice snow baby collector, and I found your site through the Department 56 Web Ring. I am so glad I did! I had no idea that oldbabies even existed, and I am sure that the book you suggested will be a big help in building my collection. Thank you from one snow baby lover to another! SnowBabySP: Thanks so much Sue. It looks like you took the time to really explore all the nooks and crannies at the site. Check out the new oldbabies images I added this month, and the updates to the Did You Know ... page. I'm feel certain you'll find lots more to enjoy, and thanks for writing.

March 22, 1998

SnowBaby Ginger from Forida says ... There's a book service that I recently learned about called Bibliofind for finding out-of-print books ( They had several entries in various conditions and editions for the Peary book "The Snow Baby". Neat stuff. SnowBabySP: Thanks Ginger ... you are rapidly becoming our literary expert, and the information you provide is much appreciated!

March 21, 1998

SnowBaby Nancy from Pennsylvania says ... I just read SnowBaby Sue's Spotlight! page and was really touched. I really think you ought to have a portion of your web page dedicated to allowing people to chat with one another. SnowBabySP: I think this is a great idea Nancy, and its something that I've thought about for awhile now. Those of us on AOL have this readily available but it would be nice to chat across the internet with other snow baby collectors too. I have two primary limitations that keep this idea from progressing any further. First, I have very limited server resources, and I don't know enough about internet chat to know if it would or could work. Second, I have not really much "spare" time left in my life to tackle getting this running and maintained. So if there any internet chat savy people out there that have time and would like to volunteer to explore this possibility, please email me to get the ball rolling.

March 12, 1998

SnowBaby Barb from Parts Unknown says ... I started collecting Snowbabies in 1988 when my two grandaughters were born. I only collect pieces with two babies although I do have a few single baby pieces. I work in a hardware store, and I came across a great product for removing stickers and labels from beautiful Snowbabies boxes. It's called "UN-DO"; it really works! SnowBabySP: Thanks for the sticky situation tip. I always wondered why people decide to collect only this or only that in the Snowbabies line. Like ... duh! Maybe you collect only "two babies" so that your collection always reminds you of your grandchildren ... great idea!

March 10, 1998

SnowBaby Holli from Flushing, New York says ... Take styrofoam cones of various sizes and glue bay leaves layered on top of each other with the points down to make "trees" that accent your snow baby display. When the glue dries, spray paint them pine green, gold or any other color you like to give some contrast to all the white colors that dominate snow baby displays :) SnowBabySP: Bravo ... bravo!!!. What a great idea. I'm sure lots of us will be enjoying some homemade "forests" pretty soon. Now ... being such a creative one ... can you think up something to make with spinach? LOL. Thanks for the tip, Karen!

March 7, 1998

SnowBaby Bob from River Edge, New Jersey says ... I have to say this is one of the best web sites I have ever visited. SnowBabySP: You HAVE to say that because I told you too! Actually folks ... SnowBaby Bob is my bro-in-law who doubles as my much needed chiropractor. He's also a very talented author of children's books, and I highly recommend that you visit his web site, Finious Frog's Page. I'm sure if you buy tons and tons of his books he WILL visit here often and make more voluntary contributions to Visitor Speak. PS - He really does make wonderfully illustrated children's readers which he sells for very reasonable rubbles ... check it out!

SnowBaby Jennifer from Parts Unknown says ... I am fairly new at snow baby stuff. I started my mother-in-law and father-in-law on them, and now they have returned the favor. I recently came across a few of what I thought were Snowbabies "look-alikes" that were just old. I am going to buy the book mentioned on your terrific page and find out if indeed they are oldbabies! I got them for a dollar each ... I only bought three of them and I kick myself now! SnowBabySP: Thanks for writing, Jennifer. At a buck each if you find out that they are in fact oldbabies you should hurry back and buy them all! You'll see in Mary Morrison's and Ray Early's books that oldbabies go for much, much more than that price, and you'd have a truly extraordinary find.

February 18, 1998

SnowBaby Sue from Parsippany, New Jersey says ... I loved the Valentine's Day Card. "I Need A Hug" is one of my favorite pieces. I also loved SnowBaby Cyndi's Spotlight! pictures. Does she keep her Snowbabies out all year? When do we get to see YOUR Snowbabies? SnowBabySP: The Valentine's Card was a big hit, and I'm glad so many of you enjoyed it. Cyndi does keep her displays out all year ... she's got me quite envious actually because she has a specially designated Snowbabies ROOM! Alot of folks have asked about seeing some of my collection posted. I did have plans along those lines, but right now I'm having too much fun posting visitor stuff. Its nice to see so many of you participating here so I'm now thinking of my own pictures as filler material for a slow month. But guess what ... I don't really see one on the horizon ;) ... maybe July or so when folks are involved with other interests I'll keep the diehards entertained with some of my own site contributions.

February 11, 1998

SnowBaby Keri from Charlotte, North Carolina says ... I came across your web site and think its absolutely wonderful. I feel like I've finally found a home. I am a relatively new collector but have been searching for any and all snow baby information and pieces. Let's face it; half the fun is searching for the treasure. SnowBabySP: I agree wholeheartedly; there is much fun in "the hunt" for snow babies and everything about them. I'm flattered that you regard this virtual community of collectors as a "home" on the internet. Many of us have experienced the problem of trying to locate sites where our interests are the focal point and not merely a footnote. I hope that if you find snow baby sites (that go beyond just listing them for sale) you'll email me so I can put them on the Links page for all here to enjoy. I do know of one site on the drawing board that will be of great interest, but for now we'll have to wait for the announcement that its established. And nope ... I can't "spill the beans" yet :)

February 11, 1998

SnowBaby Trish from Parts Unkown says ... Nice web site. You should have a section for mini Snowbabies or did I miss it?. SnowBabySP: You didn't miss it; minis collectors are sorely missed here. It might be that size makes them more difficult to photograph and so folks are not sending in pictures and other tidbits. However, the next Spotlight! will feature a nice display of minis mixed in with some beautiful oldbabies and the larger D56 variety. You'll also want to keep an eye out for contributions coming from two minis only visitors. Think Spring time for that as we've got Easter and Snowbunnies in the meantime. By the way, many visitors (and I) think that minis in the Snowbunnies line is a long overdue idea. Are you listening Department 56???

February 8, 1998

SnowBaby Rosie from Elyria, Ohio says ... (in her club newsletter) "Are you a Snowbaby collector? If not this is still a site to see. SnowbabySP has developed this site from his love of snow babies. I didn't know snow babies have been around so many years in so many forms." SnowBabySP: Hey SnowBaby Rosie (she never thought she'd be called that!) thanks for the nice words in your club newsletter, and a big hearty welcome to all our new friends from Buckeye 56'ers in the Elyria, Ohio area.

January 14, 1998

SnowBaby Bertha from Plaistow, New Hampshire says ... I LOVED your web site. Haven't had so much fun in a long time. We laughed so hard at the mad cow our stomachs hurt. You can be sure I will visit again. SnowBabySP: I'm glad you had time to discover the Surprise! page too. And yes, the mad cow site is very funny. I thought I'd further the public service message it provides by linking to it from my site. Your rousing endorsement tells me the "safe beef" message is getting out there :)

January 12, 1998

SnowBaby Janet from Florida says ... hey "Cuz". I was the 1405th visitor. Your site is veryyy nice :) You've done a beautiful job on it :) Its really one of the nicest I've seen ... if not the NICEST! SnowBabySP: OK folks ... what can I say. Cousins are good for the ego. Thanks JT for the visit and glad you liked the place.

January 10, 1998

SnowBaby Nancy from Pennsylvnia says ... I am a snow baby collector. The one SB I would love to find is the mother pushing two babies in a stroller. What a great home page! I'd love to see more pictures of the antique snow baby collections. SnowBabySP: Thanks Nancy ... its always a pleasure to see that this site appeals to "oldbabies" collectors as well. Keep up the search for the mother/stroller piece. You never know what you might find in someone's attic, and it really is alot of the fun of snow babies. There are tons and tons of antique snow babies pictured in the books mentioned on Hard Copy and elsewhere on this site. They are great resources to assist your knowledge, enjoyment and searches, and I don't think you'll be disappointed getting one or two. Also, I post pictures from collectors too ... why not send a picture of some of your favorites :)

January 3, 1998

SnowBaby Barbara from Connecticut says ... I am a new collector. I started working in a mall near me, and I fell in love with the Snowbabies my first day working. I bought the Friendship Kit and put SB's on my Christmas list and now have started my collection. Your site is teaching me more about them, and I wanted to thank you. SnowBabySP: Thanks Babara. Its really nice to get feedback like yours. And watch out ... soon you will be working FOR Snowbabies instead of AROUND them :) cause that's how the "bug" gets you!

January 2, 1998

SnowBaby Shihtzu from Parts Unknown says ... I've got your site marked as one of my Favorite Places. I have fallen in love with Snowbabies, but I'm afraid they go too high for my "blood" right now. Guess I'll have to put them on my birthday list which is coming up this month!!!! Is there anyone that actually does a gift register for people. Wouldn't that be neat? Then I could register which Snowbabies I wanted and my relatives/friends could look on the lists (just an idea). Thanks for your help in finding the value guides ... you're a saint! (or maybe even a snow baby in disquise) SnowBabySP: I'm glad you like the site, and you've got a GREAT idea there. I suspect that most dealers would do some kind of registry for you upon request. Also, I've started one here (hope its not too late to catch your birthday :) Check out the new Collector's Registry found in the Collector's Shop.

December 27, 1997

SnowBaby Ginger from Florida says ... While shopping at a local antique mall recently I found another book that has a section devoted to snow babies. The title of the book is "Children Figurines of Bisque and Chinawares 1830-1930" by Elyse Zom Karlin. It is published by Schiffer Publishing, copyright 1990, Library of Congress #90-63499. Schiffer is the same company that publishes Mary Morrison's book. In fact, my copy of the Morrison book mentions the Karlin book on the inside back cover. Chapter 7 of the Karlin book is titled "Snow babies and No Snows" and runs from page 91-124. It has many colored pictures on each page and a factual text. I have both the Early book and the Morrison book - this one by Karlin contains some different pictures on old snow babies. Many of the pictures include a caption of "Photo by Laurie Morrison". I'm curious if this is just a common name or if Laurie is related to Mary Morrison. I find the book by Mary Morrison to be the most comprehensive and useful guide of any I have found. But for those of you who want yet another reference, check out the book by Karlin. SnowBabySP: Thanks for the great summary of your find Ginger. Now I'm hunting for this book, and I too am wondering about Laurie. How about it Mary ... are snow babies a family affair? Inquiring minds want to know :)

December 18, 1997

SnowBaby Rich from Charlotte, North Carolina says ... Hey --- this snow baby thing --- maybe you should get a life. SnowBabySP: LOL. Thanks Rich. I've considered your comments and decided that you are really nothing more than a closet snow baby collector screaming to get out. Maybe if you are nice, we'll unlock the door.

December 16, 1997

SnowBaby Brenda from Palo Alto, California says ... The image labeled "Nightfall on Winter Wonderland" on the Pictures page is so beautiful. Also I think you should label the "Oldbabies" pictures in a way that tells us a little bit about them. SnowBabySP: Good idea, Brenda ... I plan to incorporate your suggestion when the Picture page matures abit more (thats geek speak for "when I get some time" ;)

December 10, 1997

SnowBaby Matt from Clarksburg, West Virginia says ... I really LOVE your web site. I also added your site on my D56 Links page. You are invited to join my Deptartment 56 Web Ring. SnowBabySP: Folks ... I don't own a single D56 village piece, but I know alot of you do get confused and spend your Snowbabies dollars on them. You really should check out Matt's village web page. You'll be amazed at his web site all the more when you realize that Matt is a 14 year old webmaster! Matt's Home Page

December 9, 1997

SnowBaby Cheryl from Trillium Village Collectors Club of Ontario, Canada says ... I'm not a Snowbabies collector myself, however, after visiting the home of one of our members who had a 14' tree decorated only in Snowbabies ornaments, I might just have to change my mind. It was the most magnificent tree I've ever seen. I'd like to let our SB collectors know about your site in our next newsletter.SnowBabySP: Thank you Cheryl, and I hope your TVCC member sends us a picture of that tree. Welcome Ontario, Canada collectors!

November 26, 1997

SnowBaby Michael Winters (a.k.a. D56Pride) from Toronto, Canada says ... Finally! A page dedicated to Snowbabies collectors! SnowBabySP: Thanks Mike for taking notice of our efforts here, and welcome to all of our Canadian snow baby friends that linked here from Mike's web site, Village Pride!

November 5, 1997

SnowBaby Brita from Wisconsin says ... I went through all of your ideas on your site ... fantastic. I want the world to know what a great person you are. I hope you will let me publicize how we met. You are very organized, and the site really did capture my interest. SnowBabySP: Oh my ... now you've got me cyberblushing!

SnowBaby Steve from Cherry Hill, NJ says ... The web site looks really interesting. I will be checking in constantly to see it improving every day. SnowBabySP: Thanks for the warm reception, Steve.

SnowBaby Danny from North Carolina says ... Its about time someone got us a snow baby page. Maybe I will send a picture of some of mine. Keep up the good work. SnowBabySP: Psst ... Danny ... send the pic right away so I can get the Pictures page started :)

November 4, 1997

SnowBaby Ann from Weehawkin, NJ says ... I was vistor 100 today at your web site. I thinks its great. Maybe I'll start a snow baby collection too. SnowBabySP: You mean I might actually have at the tip of my fingers a keyboard with the power to convert the whole world to totally obscessed snow baby collectors like me?

SnowBaby LynnE from Wisconsin says ... I'm a snow baby lover like you, and I think your site is going to be my very bestest spot. I have to let you know I went to How to keep an idiot busy. I laughed SOOOOOO hard that I got a horrible cramp in my side and that made me cry ... I can't wait to show that site to others! SnowBabySP: But LynnE ... the real question is ... did you win when you visited the busy idiot site :)

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