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We Hate Spam!
"Spam" is unwanted electronic communication usually sent repeatedly from people or business you have never met. Spam is big business on the internet (or though it would seem). Think of it as the computer version of junk mail found in your mail box or similar to those telephone solicitations you get right about the time you sit down for your family dinner. Aside from being a nuisance, spam clutters the interent adversely impacting the speed of your surfing and the utility of email communication. Simply stated, spam is no good for anybody - even those that do it.

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SnowbabySP's Place is a participatory web site which means that many of our features depend upon visitor contributions transmitted by email or other means of computer-generated interaction with web sites. We do not condone the practice of mass mailing of email to surreptiously obtained or purchased lists of internet addresses. We especially disapprove of unsolicited commercial or pornographic electronic communciations.

SnowBabySP's Place does not (and will not) sell or otherwise distribute visitor email addresses or other personal information to anyone. Nor will visitors be subjected to repeated unwanted communications from our web site. You can freely participate in our site features, and order or list through our Collector's Shop, with comfort that your personal information is kept confidential by SnowBabySP's Place.

There are things that you can do to help alleviate the spam problem. First, never respond to spam - ignore it and delete it as soon as you recognize that you've received spam. One reason why it continues is because, quite frankly, it must be working. If it didn't spammers wouldn't waste the time or money to engage in this activity. Second, report spammers when you can to their Internet Service Providers (ISP's). Many ISP's will terminate a spammers account forcing them to move from one ISP to another - at the very least that creates inconvenience for the spammer. In serious cases, many ISP are pursuing legal action against spammers so your spam reports do help. Third, use the advise provided by your own ISP to its full potential. For example, AOL provides a number of means to eliminate or reduce spam; check it out at Keyword: Mail Controls if you are on AOL. And fourth, don't unwittingly contribute to the spam problem by forwarding to every email address you know those chain letters, hoax virus warnings, and jokes that have been on the internet since the beginning of time that we all regularly get in our in boxes :)

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