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If you're an author or publisher, take a moment to review the layout below to see how your publication can be advertised here. Examples appear on my Hard Copy page.

To get an ad here all you need to do is engage in a little reciprocity. If you are an author, an occasional picture, excerpt or article contribution would do the trick. If you are a publisher, a complimentary subscription from which an occasional cite or picture can be obtained would work. A link to my site from yours would be appreciated. All advertisers are encouraged to offer site visitors a benefit of some sort. A subscription discount, an autograph on a book or article, or like offers would be appreciated but are not mandatory.

Essentially, the space here is free but for a courtesy or two on your part to make this a better place to visit for all. If you'd like more details, or would prefer a simple hypertext link on my Links page, Email Me.

Don't forget to view the layout below!

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